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​These learning modules are based on the official sample problems and solutions, provided by the Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society (that we took January 1, 2011 and used with permission). The problem set can be found here: Exam FM Problem Set

Here are the solutions: Exam FM Solutions

Note: The problem set may not reflect the current syllabus for the exam.

Start with:

Column “Video”- this is a short video clip (screencast) where we provide a step-by-step solution to the question
Column “Problem” – this is the official sample question, in .pdf format
Column “Solution” – this is the official sample solution, in .pdf format
Column “Solutions_Written”- this is our more detailed sample solution, in .pdf format

You may also click on the Headers “Learning Objective” and “Secondary Learning Objective” to sort the problems.
The Videos are coded in the following manner:
1st digit refers to the exam used
2nd-4th digits refer to the problem number


Codes for 1st digit is as follow:
1- SOA Sample Questions (2005)
2- May 2005 Exam
3- Nov 2005 Exam
4- Other Questions

Video 1001Question 1001Solution 1001Solution1001-writtenInterest Rates
Video 1002Question 1002Solution 1002Solution1002-writtenFixed Payment Annuities
Video 1003Question 1003Solution 1003Solution1003-writtenInterest Rates
Video 1004Question 1004Solution 1004Sinking Funds
Question 1005Solution 1005
Video 1006Question 1006Solution 1006Solution1006-writtenAnnuities
Video 1007Question 1007Solution 1007Solution1007-writtenAnnuities
Video 1008Question 1008Solution 1008Solution1008-writtenInvestment Year Method/Portfolio
Video 1009Question 1009Solution 1009Solution1009-writtenOther Loans
Video 1010Question 1010Solution 1010Solution1010-writtenBonds
Question 1011Solution 1011
Video 1012Question 1012Solution 1012Solution1012-writtenInterest Rates
Video 1013Question 1013Solution 1013Solution1013-writtenInterest Rates
Question 1014Solution 1014
Video 1015Question 1015Solution 1015Solution1015-writtenLoans
Video 1016Question 1016Solution 1016Solution1016-writtenLoans
Video 1017Question 1017Solution 1017Solution1017-writtenAnnuities
Question 1018Solution 1018
Video 1019Question 1019Solution 1019Interest Rates
Video 1020Question 1020Solution 1020Solution1020-writtenInterest Rates
Video 1021Question 1021Solution 1021Solution1021-writtenInterest Rates
Video 1022Question 1022Solution 1022Solution1022-writtenBonds
Video 1023Question 1023Solution 1023Solution1023-writtenIRR/NPV
Question 1024Solution 1024
Video 1025Question 1025Solution 1025Solution1025-writtenFixed Payment Annuities
Video 1026Question 1026Solution 1026Interest Rates
Video 1027Question 1027Solution 1027Solution1027-writtenInterest Rates
Question 1028Solution 1028
Video 1029Question 1029Solution 1029Solution1029-writtenNon Annual Payments
Video 1030Question 1030Solution 1030Investments
Video 1031Question 1031Solution 1031Solution 1031-writtenAnnuities
Video 1032Question 1032Solution 1032Solution1032-writtenIRR/NPV
Video 1033Question 1033Solution 1033Solution1033-writtenInterest Rates
Video 1034Question 1034Solution 1034Solution1034-writtenBonds
Video 1035Question 1035Solution 1035Solution1035-writtenBonds
Video 1036Question 1036Solution 1036Solution1036-writtenBonds
Question 1037Solution 1037
Video 1045Question 1045Solution 1045Solution1045-writtenInvestments
Video 1046Question 1046Solution 1046Solution1046-writtenLoans
Video 1047Question 1047Solution 1047Solution1047-writtenBonds
Video 1048Question 1048Solution 1048Solution1048-writtenInterest Rates
Question 1049Solution 1049
Question 1050Solution 1050
Video 1051Question 1051Solution 1051Investments
Video 1052Question 1052Solution 1052Investments
Video 1053Question 1053Solution 1053Investments
Video 1054Question 1054Solution 1054Bonds
Question 1055Solution 1055
Question 1056Solution 1056
Video 1057Question 1057Solution 1057Bonds