The data are below in one format now. The extension ".csv" is for "comma separated value".

Data Descriptions in .pdf Format


Cross-Sectional Data
Anscombe's Data
Automobile Bodily Injury Claims
Removed at the request of the survey conductor*
Automobile Bodily Injury Claims Simulated
Automobile UK Collision Claims
Automobile Insurance Claims
Capital Asset Pricing Model
Insurance Redlining
CEO Compensation
Galton Heights
MEPS Health Expenditures
Hong Kong Horse Racing
Hospital Costs
Initial Public Offerings
Stock Market Liquidity
Massachusetts Bodily Injury
Insurance Company Expenses
Outliers and High Leverage Points
Refrigerator Prices
Risk Managers Cost Effectiveness
Singapore Automobile Claims
Swedish Motor Insurance
Term Life Insurance
National Life Expectancies
Nursing Home Utilization
Wisconsin Hospital Costs
Wisconsin Lottery Sales
Workers Compensation
Time Series Data
Euro Exchange Rates
Hong Kong Exchange Rates
Inflation Bond Prices
Labor Force Participation Rate
Medical Component of the CPI
Medicare Hospital Costs
Prescription Drug Prices
Standard and Poor's 500 Daily
Standard and Poor's 500 Quarterly
Triangle Data
Auto Industry
Medical Care
Reinsurance General Liability
Reinsurance General Liability 2004
Singapore Auto Injury
Singapore Auto Property Damage
*The file AutoBI was removed at the request of the survey conductor. An artificial dataset, AutoBIsim, was created using simulation techniques. This data set will be a suitable replacement for pedagogic purposes.



Date: Revised 25 Oct 2018