Future Development


Funding. This project is for the actuarial profession. Half of the book profits go to the UW Hickman Chair of Actuarial Science and half to the Actuarial Foundation.


Additional Data. The purpose of organizing this material is to educate future and current actuaries on the possibilities of modern statistical techniques, with a focus on regression and time series. Because this project is from academia, most of the help needed is in providing real-world examples and data - we need compelling illustrations as to how these techniques are used in industry. The current vision is to continue to use this project as a venue for developing data sets .



Secondary Products. To make the content accessible to other audiences, several technology enhanced learning tools are now being experimented with. These include:

  • Check out our Online Tutorial that provides a quick overview of the first six chapters.
  • For a tutorial on matrix algebra that supports Section 2.11, go here
  • For a tutorial on "R" that supports Chapter 3, go here

Loss Data Analytics is an interactive, online, freely available text. The idea behind the name Loss Data Analytics is to integrate classical loss data models from applied probability with modern analytic tools.
R for Loss Data Analytics is a companion site that allows you to practice R skills.

Errata list (in .pdf format) of errors discovered to date. Please write Jed Frees (jfrees@bus.wisc.edu) if you uncover new problems.



Date: 25 October 2018