Statistical Software Scripts

Graphical Software Scripts

To illustrate graphical design in "R", this page contains scripts and supporting data to make the graphs in Chapter 21 on "Designing Effective Graphs." This chapter, co-authored with Robert B. Miller, was previously published by the Society of Actuaries and is available at Designing Effective Graphs.


The R codes have the extension ".txt". The data are in comma separated value, or  ".csv", format. All of the Rcodes are available in a single file, here.




R Code
1. Flow Chart
2. Annual Insurance Employees, 1948-1993
3. Cost Effectiveness
4. Annual U.S. Credit Life Insurance
5. Monthly CPI
6. US Unemployment
7. Distribution of Premium Receipts
8. Relative Importance of Risk Sources
9. Hospital Costs
10. Social Security Projections
11. Experiments in Judgment
13. Distributions of Mortgates, II




Some References for Producing Graphs in R




Date: 25 October 2018